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Great Gifts To Send To Your Vendors This Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and what better way to show appreciation to your vendors than to send them a wonderful gift. Similar to any other special occasion such as birthdays and anniversaries, there is a plethora of gift ideas that come to mind when you think about vendor gifts. However, the following five key gift ideas are sure to wow your vendor this holiday.

Happy girlThe first key gift idea is a gift card to a popular restaurant. Restaurant gift cards cannot take the place of the live conversation that may have taken place if you actually hosted your vendor at the restaurant, but the fact that the vendor can choose who he or she will invite for this complimentary meal can be equally as gratifying. Consider choosing a restaurant that is conveniently located to the vendor or at least within a reasonable distance since the gift card may never be redeemed if commuting time is unreasonable. Most importantly, consider choosing a restaurant that your vendor has expressed interest in. This will make the gesture much more personal.

The second gift idea is an annual calendar. Let’s face it, everyone can use a paper calendar despite the fact that our day-to-day appointments are organized electronically in some sort of mobile or desktop application nowadays. Annual calendars can be personalized and branded to convey the precise message that you want your vendors to receive. If you want to keep it simple, consider simply printing your logo and contact information. For something more personalized, one can consider adding a message of gratitude, inspirational quote or other customized note.

The third gift idea is something that your vendors cannot function without – ink pens. Ink pens are easily customizable and are ideal for branding. Additionally, you can decide if you want to use regular ball point pens, retractable pens or something more extravagant. Nearly any style of pen can be branded with your company name and chosen text.

The fourth great vendor gift idea is something that will delight everyone in the office – baked goods made by a professional bakery. Whether you choose brownies, cookies, muffins or cupcakes, there is little to no chance that your gift will be considered the humdrum gift of the season. Everyone loves sweets. Many professional bakeries deliver gift packages freshly baked and warm to the touch.

The fifth example of a great vendor gift is a branded coffee mug. One can never have too many coffee mugs. Unlike other gifts, coffee mugs are liked by virtually everyone since most people can find use for a mug whether it be coffee, tea or other tasty beverage. Branded coffee mugs keep your company close at hand for your vendor. By merely sitting on someone’s desk, a branded coffee mug can generate business for you since it is exposed to anyone that walks by.

Regardless of which one of the five great vendor gift ideas you choose, keep in mind that nearly any product can be branded. This holiday season, take into account your vendor’s business style and personality then choose the gift that best suits him or her. The holiday season is the ideal time to express gratitude to existing vendors and renewing business relationships with others.


5 Successful Companies Started By Teenagers

moneyMost teenagers spend their time watching television, playing video games and working part-time jobs in restaurants and at the local mall. However, some teenagers have big dreams from an early age and wind up becoming CEO’s of their own companies while they are still in high school. These are the kids who took their business talents to new levels, becoming millionaires at an age where most kids are still asking their parents for allowance money to go to the movies.

Sean Belnick is one young man who knew how to take an idea and turn it into pure gold. Starting with $500 at the age of 14, the 20 year-old is now worth more than $24 million. The company he started from his bedroom,, now has over 75 employees and is providing jobs to people in his hometown of Kennesaw, GA. Offering medical equipment, office furniture and home furnishings to clients such as the Pentagon and Microsoft, Sean’s company is doing quite well for itself.

Leanna Archer, nicknamed “Tiny Trump” by her friends, started her company as a 13 year-old in her parent’s basement. Her company, called Leanna’s Hair, was born out of her grandmother’s secret recipe for the pomade she put in her hair. When everyone started asking about it, she made up a batch and bottled it in baby jars to sell. The money soon started rolling in, so she and her parents obtained a business license and Tax ID and started production.

Juliette Brindak wanted to empower little girls and teach them about positive role models and body image, so she started a website called Miss O and Friends. Similar to Facebook, it offers a place for young girls to get together in a virtual world and develop meaningful relationships. At age 19, Miss Brindak is worth a cool $15 million.

Fraser Doherty, at age 15, is set to make his mark in the world of jellies and jams. Ready to take on giant companies like Welches and Smuckers, Doherty is fast becoming the jelly and jam king in England and Ireland. The Scottish-born entrepreneur has made millions making and selling his grandmother’s favorite recipes out of his parent’s kitchen. His products, named SuperJam, come in a variety of flavors including rhubarb and ginger and blueberry and blackcurrant.

Adam Horwitz apparently was born to be an entrepreneur. Starting in his pre-teen years, he took a liking to internet marketing and decided that was going to be his area of focus. From first starting a gossip blog with fellow classmates to starting a site called Urban Stomp listing locations of local parties, Adam has learned how to make his mark in the virtual world. Now worth several million dollars, he teaches courses to teenagers on internet marketing and runs mobile marketing sites with names like “Dude, I Hate My Job!” and “Mobile Monopoly.”

As these young people have proven, it doesn’t take tons of start-up money and years of experience to make it big in the business world. All it takes is a dream and a desire to never quit working until you reach your goal. Whether it’s selling jams and jellies or starting a website, these teenagers have shown an initiative that is hard to find in adults much older than themselves, let alone other teens.

15 Ways Small Businesses Owners Can Save Time Throughout A Workday

With the time constraints small business owners face many have difficulty finding the time to get things done. Below are some tips helpful for getting tasks done without wasting money and lowering overall stress.

pocket watch

1. Be Honest with Yourself
Be aware of yourself, possible distractions and deadlines. Do tougher things during the times you’re the most productive and they’ll get done much easier.

2. Make a Plan with Deadlines in Mind
Know what needs done and how best accomplish it. Break up larger tasks into smaller ones and prioritize according to deadlines.

3. Be Aware of Your Time
Keep track of your schedule so that you don’t rush to your next commitment. If needed, track your time for a few days so you know what you spend your time on.

4. Use Available Software
Using programs to do things like inventory and payroll removes the scattered papers and the time used on manual inputs.

5. It’s Okay to Say, ‘No’
It’s perfectly okay to pass on things that don’t benefit you, your workplace or your business, even if you’ve been asked nicely.

6. Keep yourself organized
This applies to your schedule and your work space. Find a system that works for you and use it to minimize time lost.

7. Breaks and Treats
Take breaks to give yourself time to move and clear your head. After finishing something difficult, reward yourself because it helps you through the rough times.

8. Do similar things near the same time
List phone calls to make and know what emails need sent. If tasks are bunched together, they’re typically easier to get done.

9. Cultivate the best for your Business
If you don’t need it, don’t keep it. This applies to paperwork, software and even supplies. It will help cut down on clutter and allow good habits such as file sorting and prioritizing to happen fluidly.

10. Keep your projects together
Keep everything for works in progress and finished projects in one place so they’re easy to access. Using a project management platform is also helpful.

11. Focus!
Do one thing at a time so that it gets done faster and better than it would be if you were multi-tasking.

12. Back it up
Computers break. Purchase separate hard drives or use online platforms for storing data for important projects so that it’s still there even if the primary computer crashes.

13. Use Calendars, Reminders and Down-time
Keeping track of your obligations makes sure they’re all met and the reminders on cell phones or computers are incredibly useful. Using the time waiting can be a great way to get smaller things finished as well.

14. Help is good
Delegation and asking for assistance is a great way to get larger projects done. Virtual assistants can help keep you on track.

15. Shorten the work time
Whether it’s through a shorter work day or week, having less time to finish work actually leads to more getting accomplished in the given time.

Not all these tips work for everyone but using even a few of them will boost productivity, cut costs and improve profits. With personal stress declining as well, these tips become invaluable tools for small business owners who strive for the best for themselves and their businesses.

How Working Remotely Is Changing The Way That We Do Business

Americans are increasingly working from home or on the road. As a result, workers are treated differently by employers and clients have different expectations from the companies that they partner with. decided to ask a group of professionals what are some of the biggest changes that have come about due to employees working remotely?



A Set Schedule May Not Be Necessary

If you have a cell phone and an Internet connection, it is possible for your employer to reach you at any time. Therefore, as long as you are getting your work done on time, there may be less of a need to adhere to a strict work schedule each day. The only exceptions to that rule are when you have to meet with a client or if you need to meet with your boss to discuss an important matter.



Working From Home Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

The ability to work from anywhere has made it possible for more and more workers to get their work done from home instead of at the office. This is preferable for those who have kids or don’t want to interact with their colleagues. While employees may end up having to furnish a home office, there are plenty of online stores ready to deliver directly to your door, such as for example. Many companies will reimburse their employees for these expenses, and they see this as a good way to lower their overhead costs because they don’t have to pay as much for electricity or a phone line if an employee is working from home instead of at the office.



It Is Easier To Do Business On A Global Scale

The ability to communicate with clients and employees at any given time allows for more work to be completed with clients who may not be in your time zone. For example, an employee in New York can communicate with a client in Europe before, during or after work simply by using Skype or any other VoIP product. This allows for meetings to take place at a mutually convenient time for the employee and the client without having to leave the office or fly to another continent to have the meeting.



Working Weekends Is A Fact Of Life

As the business world evolves, it has become commonplace for employers to conduct business on nights and weekends. Therefore, you may have to cancel your Saturday golf outing to come to the office or put your lunch plans on hold to have an impromptu meeting with your boss to make sure that he is ready for the shareholder presentation on Monday.



No One Is Truly On Vacation

The downfall of working remotely is that you rarely get to truly escape your boss, clients or colleagues. This is because you are only a phone call, email or text message away at all times. In some cases, employers will strongly suggest that employees respond to messages while they are away. For some employees, this means that their vacation in Hawaii can feel just as much like a business trip as it is a chance to relax and unwind for a few days.

Working remotely has benefits as well as drawbacks for workers. While businesses can get in touch with their employees regardless of where they are, the employees may have to forget about taking vacations or making plans on Saturday if something comes up. On the plus side, working from home as well as having some control over your workweek can be a good thing if you are the type that doesn’t need a set schedule.

Four Business Ideas for Pilots Who Are Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Pilots love to be up in the air flying, but there comes a time when most airline pilots start to consider making a career move that that will get them away from the hectic life that an airline pilot leads. Pilots learn a lot of useful attributes from their flying experience, including things like courage, levelheadedness  patience and persistence. These are all useful attributes that will allow them to successfully transition into a different career. One of the best ways for pilots to use their skills is to start up their own businesses. For pilots looking to make a career change, here are four different entrepreneurial ideas for them to consider.

1. Private Charter Business

This is probably the most popular career choice for pilots looking to move away from the airlines. There are many ways to get into the charter flight world. Pilots can use their savings or retirement funds to purchase a small plane to offer charter flights to businessmen and others who want to avoid flying commercial. Other pilots decide to use their small planes to offer tours of natural wonders like the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. This is one of the most exciting and profitable ways for pilots to become entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of hard work and a good sense for finance to pull this off.

airplane-broker2. Airplane Broker

This is an ideal entrepreneurial opportunity for pilots who are sick of the constant travel demands that their careers have placed upon them in the past. Airplane brokers can work out of their homes or a small office, and they don’t have many expenses to worry about. This is a job that pilots will find they have a lot of success in. When a client is looking to purchase an airplane, they will definitely listen to and respect the advice that comes from pilots who have made their living flying in the past.

3. Motivational Speaker

One of the keys to being a great motivational speaker is to have a lot of life experience to draw important lessons from. Well, former airline pilots have these life experiences in spades. Every pilot will have a host of stories that relate to their audiences about the importance of staying calm under pressure and overcoming obstacles. This can be one of the most profitable business ideas for pilots to consider. Popular motivational speakers can earn huge sums for brief speeches, and it is a very rewarding and fun way to make a living.

4. Other Ideas

Of course, many pilots don’t want to stop flying regularly, but they also don’t want to keep traveling all the time. There are many small business ideas that pilots like this can consider. Some examples of these business ideas include running a skydiving school, partnering up with an aviation superstore and running an affiliate business with them, crop-dusting, training pilots at a flight school and running an aerial photography firm. Creative pilots can always find a career path that will allow them to cut down their travel and still keep their wings.

Have Faith


It is always a little scary to leave a regular paycheck for the uncertain world of an entrepreneur. However, any pilot who has courage and faith will make it happen. The rewards are immense. Not only are the financial rewards incredible, but the joy of becoming your own boss is a reward that every pilot will love.