5 Ways Superfish Is About To Change the Way We Search Online


Superfish is a new type of search engine, one that is changing the way people access information on the Internet. While it’s still fairly new and may not yet seem like a challenge to the likes of Google and other search engines, if you read the writing on the wall you will see why Superfish may very likely represent the future of search.

Let’s look at six ways that this innovative search engine is fundamentally changing the nature of searches.

1. Make Visual Searches Possible

The Internet has become increasingly dominated by images. If you look at the most viral content on social networks, for example, you will see lots of photos and other visual content. Superfish is the first major effort to create a search engine that works with images rather than text. This has the potential to revolutionize the way searching online is done.

2. Makes Shopping Easier

When people shop, they often have a picture in their minds of what they want. This picture is more important than any text they might type in to describe the product. The Superfish technology allows shoppers to find what they’re looking for based on images. Searchers enter an image and instantly get suggestions on visually similar items. This makes it easier to locate exactly what you’re looking for. For now, the focus is on home decorating items. Superfish’s LikeThatDecor tool allows you to search for furniture and home accessories using visual search.

3. Changing the Way People Adopt Pets

Another product offered by Superfish is PetMatch, a visual search engine that makes it easier to find pets up for adoption in different areas. You can use pictures in the PetMatch gallery or take a picture of a pet you like to find pets that match your criteria.

4. Make Spontaneous Searches Possible

A huge benefits to the Superfish techology is the ability to connect the visual search engine to users’ mobile phone cameras. This allows people to snap pictures of something and instantly get information from the internet. For example, someone could take a picture of a home they like to find one built in a similar style. The same principle could work for any type of item or product and they plan to continue to roll out mobile apps for just that.

5. Change the Nature of SEO

If the type of image based search offered by Superfish becomes popular, it stands to reason that we will see a reduction in text-based content. A great deal of online content is currently created with SEO in mind. If more people are searching for images, however, traditional SEO may become obsolete. Traditional search engine optimization will have to be replaced with some type of image based SEO.

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