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Making Money Through Twitter


Everyone loves to use Twitter for different reasons. Some people like to post their most random thoughts and observations for the entire world to see. Some people like to follow celebrity gossip and the latest trends happening with major media companies. Others simply use Twitter to follow their favorite food trucks around the city when it comes to lunch time.

For individuals and businesses, Twitter has become a subversive advertising tool to use in marketing campaigns. Here are two schools of thought when it comes to making money through Twitter:

The Celebrity Approach

While there is no right or wrong way to use Twitter, it is a difficult platform to master and actually make a profit on. You can try to promote your products, articles, content, and ideas, but it will often fall flat because you do not have enough people following your Twitter handle. In order to remedy the problem of a lack of captive audience, you can turn to the help of Hollywood marketing agencies. Read more

3 Reasons for Using Video On Your Blog


Blogs have long since transcended their original identities as online diaries. More often than not, they are now high-powered business entities with advertising revenue, sponsored partners, and carefully moderated comments sections below each post. It has also evolved in its mode of communication: once solely expressed through words, blogs increasingly utilize images and videos to convey a given message.

In many respects, the growth of video blogging comes as no surprise. Thanks to technology now embedded in laptops and smartphones, people are more able than ever before to easily record and upload a video. Using the latest mobile devices, you can create videos with camcorder quality, thus allowing cheap video posts on a blog to contain an air of professionalism.

But you may be wondering: even if posting a video on my blog is so easy to do, what’s the point? What can I get out of a video that I can’t get out of a paragraph of text?

If you are asking yourself these questions, here are a few reasons for why you should consider incorporating videos into your blog:

It Helps Diversify Your Blog

It’s not that using videos is superior to using text; rather, both can be used in conjunction to give your blog greater diversification and attract a wider audience. There are many people out there who prefer having videos and visuals alongside large chunks of text, and embedding videos can thus help you break up monotonous portions of the blog and attract repeat views from those who may have visited your site but weren’t drawn in by all the writing.

It May Have SEO Benefits

With everything we do on our blog we want to have our page rank in mind, and the incorporation of videos is no exception. By tagging videos with key terms and by creating a delineated section of your site for video archives, you can insure that certain important words pop up for Google’s web-crawling bots and push you higher in its algorithm. Videos can also help SEO from a diversification standpoint: just like with readers, there may be websites out there that much more willingly link to a video than link to a piece of text. Your use of video, then, may help encourage more inbound links to your site.

It Can Make Your Life Easier

If you like to blog you probably don’t mind writing, but sometimes the words just don’t come. And, other times, we may have some brief to say but don’t want to have to type it out. In both of these situations, it can help to have video blogging as an option. Let’s be honest: all of us, after a while, get sick of doing the same thing every time. Video helps keep things interesting for the most important person involved in your blog – you.

Using video can thus create diversification on your blog, with the result being greater potential readership, page rank optimization, and personal enjoyment for you, the blogger. Just make sure that your videos are embedded, not linked, and that they have sufficient professionalism and quality. Otherwise, video blogging isn’t too challenging. There’s really no reason not to give it a try.

5 Ways Superfish Is About To Change the Way We Search Online


Superfish is a new type of search engine, one that is changing the way people access information on the Internet. While it’s still fairly new and may not yet seem like a challenge to the likes of Google and other search engines, if you read the writing on the wall you will see why Superfish may very likely represent the future of search.

Let’s look at six ways that this innovative search engine is fundamentally changing the nature of searches.

1. Make Visual Searches Possible

The Internet has become increasingly dominated by images. If you look at the most viral content on social networks, for example, you will see lots of photos and other visual content. Superfish is the first major effort to create a search engine that works with images rather than text. This has the potential to revolutionize the way searching online is done.

2. Makes Shopping Easier

When people shop, they often have a picture in their minds of what they want. This picture is more important than any text they might type in to describe the product. The Superfish technology allows shoppers to find what they’re looking for based on images. Searchers enter an image and instantly get suggestions on visually similar items. This makes it easier to locate exactly what you’re looking for. For now, the focus is on home decorating items. Superfish’s LikeThatDecor tool allows you to search for furniture and home accessories using visual search.

3. Changing the Way People Adopt Pets

Another product offered by Superfish is PetMatch, a visual search engine that makes it easier to find pets up for adoption in different areas. You can use pictures in the PetMatch gallery or take a picture of a pet you like to find pets that match your criteria.

4. Make Spontaneous Searches Possible

A huge benefits to the Superfish techology is the ability to connect the visual search engine to users’ mobile phone cameras. This allows people to snap pictures of something and instantly get information from the internet. For example, someone could take a picture of a home they like to find one built in a similar style. The same principle could work for any type of item or product and they plan to continue to roll out mobile apps for just that.

5. Change the Nature of SEO

If the type of image based search offered by Superfish becomes popular, it stands to reason that we will see a reduction in text-based content. A great deal of online content is currently created with SEO in mind. If more people are searching for images, however, traditional SEO may become obsolete. Traditional search engine optimization will have to be replaced with some type of image based SEO.

IT Support Can Be the Key: Do You Get it?

Small to medium businesses have limited budgets to work with, so it might be necessary for them to work with bare bones staffing. Even the smallest of businesses must keep in mind their need for certified and professional IT staffing, especially if they rely on their computers and internet connection to keep their daily business activities up and running. The more aspects of the business that are handled via the internet, the more important reliable IT support becomes.

Down Time is Money Down the Drain

For every hour that is lost to a computer malfunction, software glitch or faulty internet connection, the business is losing money. If you rely on the computer system to set appointments for instance, there is nothing that you can do if the computer crashes. Until you are back up and running, your whole operation is at a total stand still. That is why many companies set aside part of their budget to have IT staff on hand. Having professional project management staffers to keep your computer and software working correctly can keep your business running effectively as well.

Complicated Computer Systems

While most computers are supposed to be easy to set up at home for the average user, there are some software applications and set ups that become a little more complicated. For a business, the computer system might involve a whole network of computers that must interact with one another perfectly for work to be done. Certain applications might require more than just downloaded software to work properly. Downloaded or installing a program may require disabling or uninstalling other programs that are incompatible with the new program. Just one program that is not working correctly can impact the performance of the computer and in some cases can make the system crash. If you think that a glitch is costly in terms of time and money, you don’t want to know what a crash may mean to your business.

IT professionals can set up your system including the computers, printers and multi-line phones. They can do it without having to stop and figure out what they are dealing with a million times and can make sure that the wires (if they are use) are fairly hidden so that they don’t create a tripping hazard. You may not have the funds to have a full time dedicated IT staff, but having a company that can come as needed is very important for your business needs.

Choosing the Right IT Management Company

Before you hire an IT management company, investigate their credentials, looking at things such as their training, certifications and how others have reviewed their work in the past. Look at several companies in the area, reviewing their rates and availability as well. Very available IT firms might not be highly regarded while those that charge very high rates may be overstating their qualifications just to drive up their fees. You want someone you can count on but who will also be able to get the job done quickly and correctly.