Lessons in Investment and Wealth Management with Al Masah Capital


Many people have misconceptions about how to build wealth and how to invest. Here are a few tips that you can put into practice today when it comes to your expendable income.

Save in the good times; spend in the bad times

Many people do the exact opposite of this – they try to save when times are bad and there is no money. This is the time in which you should be buying up assets at pennies on the dollar and taking advantage of the financial misbehavior of others. Recessions create millionaires. When times are good and there is money, they do not save, but spend on consumer goods and other things that do not help to build any value or net worth. If you want to invest like the pros, do what everyone does not do – save in the good times and put money in the street when things are bad.

Pay off all of your debts

As soon as people get some money, they get a bit itchy. All money cannot make you money. If you are in debt, it does not matter if you invest it all and spend none – you will end up losing money. The interest rates on your debt will always be higher than the interest rates that you will get from your investments. Interest on debts are also guaranteed while most interest rates on investments will more than likely fluctuate.

Some financial advisors will tell you that your mortgage is an acceptable debt to have. While it is not as bad as the debt from a consumer good, you should definitely pay off your mortgage before you put most of your money into investing. It is possible to put money into investments in order to pay down your mortgage more quickly, and this is something that we can help you with.

Do not undercapitalize your business endeavors

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is getting into business without the capital to do so. Most people start a business when they have enough money to start, not enough money to maintain. This means that one unexpected emergency can completely derail years of work, causing any investment to fall under before it really has a chance to succeed.

This is the same kind of mistake that people make in the world of investing. Because you should look at each investment of yours as a separate business, you should make sure that all of these businesses are capitalized properly. The reason that people get caught up in trying to make a quick buck with a naked options trade or some other “hot tip” is that they feel as though they should have more money for the money that they invested. If you are properly capitalized, then even your small gains will create substantial amounts of money for you. You will always outpace your fixed costs, which is something that you should look to do at all times.

When you are ready to take your investments to the next level, give Al Masah Capital Management a call. This kind of investment and wealth management company can help you to build your portfolio and manage it to create wealth for you far into the future.

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