Making Money Through Twitter


Everyone loves to use Twitter for different reasons. Some people like to post their most random thoughts and observations for the entire world to see. Some people like to follow celebrity gossip and the latest trends happening with major media companies. Others simply use Twitter to follow their favorite food trucks around the city when it comes to lunch time.

For individuals and businesses, Twitter has become a subversive advertising tool to use in marketing campaigns. Here are two schools of thought when it comes to making money through Twitter:

The Celebrity Approach

While there is no right or wrong way to use Twitter, it is a difficult platform to master and actually make a profit on. You can try to promote your products, articles, content, and ideas, but it will often fall flat because you do not have enough people following your Twitter handle. In order to remedy the problem of a lack of captive audience, you can turn to the help of Hollywood marketing agencies.

Celebrities have been using Twitter to bolster their income streams for several years now. Every celebrity is susceptible to this practice because of their large amounts of followers and the amounts of money they can make just by preaching about or vacation properties in the Hamptons. Charlie Sheen, Kim Kardashian, and others often make these Tweets look innocuous so people do not realize they are being advertised to.

While you may not have the same Twitter influence as many of the Hollywood celebrity types, there is still a good opportunity to get paid to Tweet. Websites like PaidtoTweet offer keywords and phrases that you can add to your Twitter discourse in order to generate more reputation points for companies performing extensive search engine campaigns. They will gauge the amount of followers you currently have and pay based on your reach, authority, and social media rank.

The Advertiser’s Approach

If you are an advertiser looking to latch on to a celebrity or a prolific Twitter user for a greater reach in your campaign, sites like SponsoredTweets and in order to get your message across on the social media network. If you have enough money to spend, you can hire a celebrity to promote your brand or website for you. If you do no have $10,000 to spend on a single Tweet, which is a stronger possibility, you can always find local Twitter influences who are willing to use their account as a promotional vehicle.

By maintaining a strong Twitter presence for your brand, you will also rank higher in Google searches and perform better in SEO results. Think about purchasing Twitter advertising as a supplement to your current SEO efforts.

If you maintain a standard blog in addition to your Twitter presence, you might want to think about a Twitter integration button on your comments section. This will make it easier for people to share what they think about your content, as well as automatically post links to your website.

Making money through Twitter is not yet an exact science. There are some people who are able to succeed very well and then there are others who seem to fail miserably at what they do. If you are on the fence about heading to the Twitter market, make sure to do your research thoroughly before investing money.

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