Keeping Up With the Market


Remember when you could keep your private life private? Living in the future makes that quite a lot more difficult. It isn’t 100% impossible but keeping your reputation intact, especially with how invasive the internet has become with our culture, is definitely something that requires some finesse. If you have a particularly active life, you might even need professional help keeping things in check. You might, for example, need Michael Fertik.

Michael Fertik was awarded the WEF Technology Pioneer Award in 2011 and is a member of the World Economic Forum Agenda Council on Internet Security. He and his brainchild, specialize in helping entrepreneurs and companies better manage the way people see them and find out about them online. His company has worked with major names like AOL and the AMA.

Michael also appears in the press quite often, offering tips to entrepreneurs to help them manage their own reputations. Among others, he has appeared in the New York Times, the Huffington Post and on NPR.  He recently offered his top five tips for reputation management to Reader’s Digest’s Online Edition. offers online privacy and reputation management for individuals as well as companies. How do they do this?

They accomplish this goal by utilizing specially developed software, the team at scours and monitors the web all day every day looking for mentions of their clients and their clients’ companies. This helps entrepreneurs respond to negative press and false reports. They also help the entrepreneur create positive content both for and about himself and his company and then post that in strategic places around the web. This can help push the negative words about an endeavor down in the search engine rankings, making it harder for the casual web user to find them.

Managing your reputation online is important—not just for entrepreneurs and the businesses they create but for individuals as well. Think about it: do you want what other people say about you online to keep you from getting your next job? Do you want a potential date to Google you and find more than you want him or her to find?

These things and more are why companies like are important.  The vastness of the Internet makes it really difficult to do everything by yourself. Michael Fertik understands this and that’s why he has been working so hard for so long to help you keep your private life private.

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