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3 Reasons for Using Video On Your Blog


Blogs have long since transcended their original identities as online diaries. More often than not, they are now high-powered business entities with advertising revenue, sponsored partners, and carefully moderated comments sections below each post. It has also evolved in its mode of communication: once solely expressed through words, blogs increasingly utilize images and videos to convey a given message.

In many respects, the growth of video blogging comes as no surprise. Thanks to technology now embedded in laptops and smartphones, people are more able than ever before to easily record and upload a video. Using the latest mobile devices, you can create videos with camcorder quality, thus allowing cheap video posts on a blog to contain an air of professionalism.

But you may be wondering: even if posting a video on my blog is so easy to do, what’s the point? What can I get out of a video that I can’t get out of a paragraph of text?

If you are asking yourself these questions, here are a few reasons for why you should consider incorporating videos into your blog:

It Helps Diversify Your Blog

It’s not that using videos is superior to using text; rather, both can be used in conjunction to give your blog greater diversification and attract a wider audience. There are many people out there who prefer having videos and visuals alongside large chunks of text, and embedding videos can thus help you break up monotonous portions of the blog and attract repeat views from those who may have visited your site but weren’t drawn in by all the writing.

It May Have SEO Benefits

With everything we do on our blog we want to have our page rank in mind, and the incorporation of videos is no exception. By tagging videos with key terms and by creating a delineated section of your site for video archives, you can insure that certain important words pop up for Google’s web-crawling bots and push you higher in its algorithm. Videos can also help SEO from a diversification standpoint: just like with readers, there may be websites out there that much more willingly link to a video than link to a piece of text. Your use of video, then, may help encourage more inbound links to your site.

It Can Make Your Life Easier

If you like to blog you probably don’t mind writing, but sometimes the words just don’t come. And, other times, we may have some brief to say but don’t want to have to type it out. In both of these situations, it can help to have video blogging as an option. Let’s be honest: all of us, after a while, get sick of doing the same thing every time. Video helps keep things interesting for the most important person involved in your blog – you.

Using video can thus create diversification on your blog, with the result being greater potential readership, page rank optimization, and personal enjoyment for you, the blogger. Just make sure that your videos are embedded, not linked, and that they have sufficient professionalism and quality. Otherwise, video blogging isn’t too challenging. There’s really no reason not to give it a try.