Ready For That Interview: 8 Job Saving Tips

jobinterviewGetting ready for a job interview is taxing enough without having to worry about your appearance. Once you make sure you dressed the part and your entire presence radiates success, you can relax and start focusing on providing succinct but impressive answers that will make you stand out.

First Tip: One of the most important parts of dressing for your job interview is finding appropriate clothes that fit you properly. Watch out for too small shirt collars, gaping buttonholes, shrunken suit sleeves or trouser legs, and bizarre colors. In general, your performance should make you memorable, not your clothing.

Second Tip: No matter what position you interview for, you must always have a small pack of paper tissue with you. You never know when you will need to sneeze, cough, or simply wipe your hands. Mishaps happen, be prepared.

Third Tip: You can be certain that somebody at some point during your interview will look at the shoes you are wearing. This should not make you self-conscious, but it should prompt you to arrive in squeaky clean, well-polished footwear. Your shoes must also be comfortable, but they need not to be brand new or of the latest fashion.

Fourth Tip: You might be a sharp dresser or a flamboyant personality by nature, but interviewing for a new position is not the time to express your extravagant dress-sense. Tone down your accessories to the bear minimum, and opt for more conventional pieces that enhance rather than overshadow your presence.

Fifth Tip: Nothing can provoke stronger emotions in newly acquainted people than bad haircuts. Flowing hairstyles, unkempt manes, strange coiffures are all red lights interviewers look for. Do not be let down by your hair. Get a fitting haircut close before your interview and make sure you know how to properly style it.

Sixth Tip: There are many people who are allergic to strong scents and your interviewer might just be one of them. Do not give them the opportunity to dismiss you just because you were heavy handed with your cologne or perfume. Choose light, fresh scents and apply half the amount you usually use.

Seventh Tip: Scents are not the only odors that can be offensive to other people. Many job candidates forget to freshen their breaths before they meet their interviewers. Coffee, tea, smoking and even not talking for a while can cause bead breath, and a whiff of bad odor is not impression you wish to make.

Eight Tip: Regardless of your gender, body shape, and occupation, you must go to your job interview carrying an appropriate bag. This means you need a bag that is comfortable; the right size for your purposes, and does not require you to make special accommodations. Arriving to your interview laden with your shopping would be inappropriate for instance, or carrying a miniature backpack might seem equally strange.

All in all, you do not want to spend more time on preparing what to wear than what to say at your interview, but you also need to put some thought into composing your appearance. You must project a confident, professional, and positive persona in order to draw your interviewer in from the moment you meet. Dressing the part will help you act the part and that is what you need to do to get the job.

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