The Best Retreats Away From The Big City Grind

In a bid to have an exciting vacation, a lot of families will look for a destination in another country or continent. While it is great to see the world, many forget about their own country. Not only is it easy to see a wonderful and fun destination, but a traveler can save money and help his or her own country recover from the poor economy. With this in mind, here are four countryside travel destinations to consider.


Kauai: With the island of Kauai, you can get away from it all and enjoy unspoiled paradise. This island is truly empty as 65,000 people call this place home. Since most of these people live in one or two towns, you can enjoy the place to yourself. Whether you like hiking, biking, fishing or relaxing, you can have a great time in many of the small towns dotting this beautiful island. While this is no easy place to get to, you will realize quickly how beautiful the island is. Simply put, if you want to escape the world and enjoy the stars, you should head to Kauai.

San Diego County: Believe it or not, there is much more to San Diego than beaches. In fact, if you head 30 minutes east, you can visit some tall mountains, beautiful lakes and plenty of great casinos. Since the area east of the beaches is relatively empty, you can have a great time exploring many outdoor areas. Furthermore, while most of the country deals with hot summers and cold winters, you can have a fun time in the mountains of San Diego most of the year. Of course, if you like snow, you can enjoy a rare southern California snowy day if you plan your trip at the right time. Either way, when thinking of a beach and mountain day, you should head to San Diego County.

Asheville: If you want to experience a hip and diverse city, you should consider Asheville, North Carolina. Then, after enjoying great beers and local food, you can sleep in a luxury hotel or camp on the river. During the day, visitors can head to the local lakes, rivers and streams. Here, you can party all day and relax in the shade. If you are adventurous, you can enjoy miles of unspoiled hiking trails. Either way you look at it, if you want to get away from it all and still enjoy the amenities, you should consider Asheville.

Chickasaw nation: If you want to check out a unique and fun area in Oklahoma, you should check out the Chickasaw area. Here, you can see plenty of natural and unspoiled lakes of Oklahoma. When visiting this area, you can head to a Las Vegas style casino. While you would pay a huge price to visit a casino in other cities, you can visit one here without breaking the bank. Simply put, if you are looking for a great Oklahoma destination, you should check out the Chickasaw area. When doing so, you and your family can have a great time.

With these four destinations, you can escape the world and have fun with your friends or family. Since it is not always easy to find the best place, you should do your research. When doing so, you can find the perfect destination for your needs.

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