Are You An Alpha Woman?

femalelionThere has been a notion that the “alpha male” is a pretty much standard moniker in society today. Yet, the fact remains that this is not a wholly one-sided gender circumstance. As with any personality type, both sexes are eligible for any definition, thus the alpha woman is very much alive, well and functioning in society today. In fact, she might be running society in some circles. So, what make you think you qualify as an alpha woman? If you possess many or most of the following personality traits, you just might belong to this exclusive club.

Goal Oriented Strength

The alpha woman has probably been goal oriented from a very early age, having admired legendary heroines and their accomplishments. She is apt to be very determined in achieving her lifetime goal or goals once it/they are set in her mind. This might include becoming a lawyer, striving to the top in the entertainment industry, entering politics or rising to the top in some other less-lofty position or vocation. She may be willing to sacrifice motherhood and marriage to spend the requisite amount of time in order to achieve her life task, often going it alone and handling life’s chores in a completely independent way. She’s highly intelligent and competitive when it comes to performance, tests and trials. Winning is everything to her; social acceptance is not as important in the climb upwards as it is after her arrival to her spot of fame, notoriety and achievement. She is ambitious to a fault.


This woman is not dependent upon anyone for a hand up or a lifestyle that she sees might keep her limited or in check. She’s not the type to wait for that all important wedding ring which means her life will be directed toward the standard provision of wife and motherhood. She will likely be single, or at least spend a long period of time working on what’s important to her. If she does marry, her husband will have to be the kind to give her some leach because she won’t stand for being tied down to tasks of drudgery or repetitive chores. She works for herself, often supporting every aspect of her life and believes it to be a natural way of doing things. She might not have too many best girl or male friends for support and guidance because she’s not the weepy, unconfident type to need bolstering. Her outcomes are defined by her and she is the master of her own fate. She is less likely to join a support group or seek out the services of a psychologist since she believes the answers to her problems are easily solved by her once she has a handle on the problem.

Appeal and Charm

The alpha gal has an arsenal of appeal and charm. She gives her mind and body equal workouts to deliver a package that includes extra helpings of sex appeal, wit, humor, physical presence and intelligence. She is most often the prime eye target in the room or setting, both looking and acting as though she has something special to offer. The fact is, when called on it, she does very well in a social setting because she is not afraid to state an opinion or engage in any topic of discussion, whether it is highbrow, technical or trivial. With a natural magnetism, she can work a room and gain accomplices, votes, friends or enemies, and do it very indiscreetly. Her sex appeal may be deliberately staged and planned, but it is not used in a retaliatory fashion or as a weapon—it is a means to an end. She is fun—an amusement park, especially for men who adore her levity, wit and confidence.


The alpha woman is difficult, if nigh impossible to push around. She’ll stand up for her beliefs and not back down from a confrontation. He has no qualms about pointing out the faults of others to their face and putting them in their place. She owes her leadership qualities to finely tuning and crafting her lifestyle, rather than accepting the notion that genes or DNA paved the way. She’s usually the first to volunteer for a difficult project, job or mission since her personality dictates that she conquer one challenge after another—adding bricks to her overall foundation of strength and experience.

When it boils down to it, the alpha woman is really no different than her alpha male counterpart. We have always had them with us but have been less likely to recognize them or call them out. Things have changed in today’s society and we are doffing our hats to these ladies, who as history has shown us, have made some of the most ground-breaking accomplishments extent. After all, winning, succeeding and taking charge are human traits that are not dependent upon gender restrictions or prejudices. And everyone loves a winner.


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