Does Having a College Degree Still Get You Ahead

With the rising costs of college tuition and the fact that there are more people competing for open job positions than ever, it’s natural to wonder if a college degree is as useful as it once was. Everyone knows a story of at least one college graduate who’s still unemployed. It’s a simple fact: A college degree isn’t enough to guarantee that dream job by itself. Oftentimes contacts, luck and experience seem to matter more these days.

Does that mean college degrees are less necessary than they once were? Quite the opposite is true. College degrees are more useful than ever and are an important step in the process of perusing a lifelong career. Let’s take a look at the facts to get an idea of the big picture:

college degree

A college education opens doors to experience, internships and contact information.

One thing that hasn’t changed in recent years is the fact that college is a fantastic way to meet people, business contacts and obtain internships that can help pave the way to a career. Internships are harder to get than they used to be, but that doesn’t diminish their value. In today’s job market where competition is harder than ever, every bit of extra experience you can place on your resume increases your chances of getting ahead. Experience itself, of course, is also invaluable.

College prepares students for the road ahead.

People often claim that college is full of general courses that don’t teach practical or everyday information, but college does teach students about the value of hard work and the value of experience. Most degrees now also offer plenty of training courses that give students hands-on experience with the type of work they would likely do later in their career. Hands-on experience is almost always the most useful. It looks great on a resume as well.

In addition, there are many different types of colleges now that are tailored to the types of careers busy students are likely to pursue. If you don’t have the time to take a bunch of general courses, it may not be necessary for you to do so. A college education is easier than ever to obtain.

College degrees still present a necessary way for employers to narrow down their search.

With so much competition in the job market, every advantage you can get over your fellow job seekers increases your chances of landing that job before them. Employers are receiving more applications than ever and are are looking for any way possible to eliminate applications from their pile of potential employees. This means that employers have more requirements than in past years. One easy requirement is requiring a college education. The last thing you ever want to do is give them a quick reason to toss your application in the rejection pile.

Even though a college degree doesn’t guarantee that a job seeker will immediately find a job, it’s a simple fact that nothing gives you that guarantee. Pursuing a career is a long road that requires plenty of experience, hard work, smart planning and doing everything in your power to get ahead of the competition. Obtaining a college degree still helps with all of those goals. If anything, there are more reasons to go to college now than ever before.

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