15 Ways Small Businesses Owners Can Save Time Throughout A Workday

With the time constraints small business owners face many have difficulty finding the time to get things done. Below are some tips helpful for getting tasks done without wasting money and lowering overall stress.

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1. Be Honest with Yourself
Be aware of yourself, possible distractions and deadlines. Do tougher things during the times you’re the most productive and they’ll get done much easier.

2. Make a Plan with Deadlines in Mind
Know what needs done and how best accomplish it. Break up larger tasks into smaller ones and prioritize according to deadlines.

3. Be Aware of Your Time
Keep track of your schedule so that you don’t rush to your next commitment. If needed, track your time for a few days so you know what you spend your time on.

4. Use Available Software
Using programs to do things like inventory and payroll removes the scattered papers and the time used on manual inputs.

5. It’s Okay to Say, ‘No’
It’s perfectly okay to pass on things that don’t benefit you, your workplace or your business, even if you’ve been asked nicely.

6. Keep yourself organized
This applies to your schedule and your work space. Find a system that works for you and use it to minimize time lost.

7. Breaks and Treats
Take breaks to give yourself time to move and clear your head. After finishing something difficult, reward yourself because it helps you through the rough times.

8. Do similar things near the same time
List phone calls to make and know what emails need sent. If tasks are bunched together, they’re typically easier to get done.

9. Cultivate the best for your Business
If you don’t need it, don’t keep it. This applies to paperwork, software and even supplies. It will help cut down on clutter and allow good habits such as file sorting and prioritizing to happen fluidly.

10. Keep your projects together
Keep everything for works in progress and finished projects in one place so they’re easy to access. Using a project management platform is also helpful.

11. Focus!
Do one thing at a time so that it gets done faster and better than it would be if you were multi-tasking.

12. Back it up
Computers break. Purchase separate hard drives or use online platforms for storing data for important projects so that it’s still there even if the primary computer crashes.

13. Use Calendars, Reminders and Down-time
Keeping track of your obligations makes sure they’re all met and the reminders on cell phones or computers are incredibly useful. Using the time waiting can be a great way to get smaller things finished as well.

14. Help is good
Delegation and asking for assistance is a great way to get larger projects done. Virtual assistants can help keep you on track.

15. Shorten the work time
Whether it’s through a shorter work day or week, having less time to finish work actually leads to more getting accomplished in the given time.

Not all these tips work for everyone but using even a few of them will boost productivity, cut costs and improve profits. With personal stress declining as well, these tips become invaluable tools for small business owners who strive for the best for themselves and their businesses.

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